orthodonticsTeeth irregularities pose a major threat to healthy eating. Orthodontics is that branch of dental science which helps the patients in taking precautions, so as to avoid deformations in teeth and taking proper corrective actions, if any such damage occurs.

The word ‘Orthodontics’ has its roots in Greek language, where ‘Ortho’ stands for ‘straight or perfect’ and ‘dontics’ is referred to ‘tooth’. So, its basic meaning leads to perfect teeth. The most common ailment that people suffer from today is either ‘disproportionate jaw relationship’ or ‘teeth irregularities’. A lot of reasons lead to these dental ailments, consequences of which are sometimes found to be very disastrous. Malocclusion, commonly referred to as improper bites, is one such harmful result. Orthodontics specifically deals with their study and treatment, so as to provide relief to the sufferer and also to enhance the overall appearance of teeth. The treatment given to the patient can either be limited to dental displacement or can be extended further to modify and control facial growth, as per the client requirement.